Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please, soak me in a hot tub of hot tea

I've got a weird California sinus cold again.

I say this because I never to seem to get fully sick anymore - no full out cold or flu for me, just sinus crap.

Today is not going to be lovely.

We had a rare "date night" last night. It was not long, but we did get to dress up and were munchkin free for a few hours.

I love Valentine's Day and the celebration of even more and more as each year goes by. It's something wonderful to take note of romance and love with the person I continue to spend my life with, and it's interesting to watch our version of romance evolve. (Like, for instance, Im not a really big gifts kind of person. Whoda thunk?)

I'm going to go hunt down some hot tea, a warm blanket, and crochet or read a little bit.

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