Monday, May 24, 2010

The End of May - As I know It

Finally! The last week of May. Things have still been quite busy in our house. Dear Hubby was supposed to leave yesterday to go for some training (this should actually be quite fun for him. They are doing amphibious landing) but the waves were so big that they had to put off leaving until today, which means one day less of training. Gee darn. He will be back on Friday, hopefully with a memory card full of awesome pictures I can put in his Marine Corps scrapbook.

Ayslyn is growing well, and I am beyond eager for her to get older. I realize this is my last time raising a newborn, and that I should delight in her size and simplicity... but I can't wait for her to be a little older and more independent... and on a steady sleep schedule!

I've been working out fairly consistently in the fitness center at our housing office (when the Hubby doesn't work late, and isn't away for field training). Im immensely grateful to Jerry for manning up and taking care of the kids just to give me the chance to sweat out my frustration and stress. There hasn't been any weight loss, but I feel so much healthier and there is a noticeable difference in how my jeans are fitting! I feel happier too... a lot less like a mommy walking around covered in spit up and formula, and more like a normal human being. Always a plus.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to through out a quick Happy Mother's Day!

A quick little bit of Mother's Day Background - Mother’s day was first suggested in the United States by Julia Ward Howe, writer of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. However, a Miss Anna Jarvis and supporters campaigned for a National Mother's Day, and in 1911 Mother's Day was celebrated by nearly every state of the Union. It was made a National Holiday in 1914 by President Woodrow. So no, it was not just invented by the Hallamark Card Company as another money making success.

And as for me, I tell my husband to just go ahead and put the 5 bucks he'd spend on a card towards my gift, or some starbucks. This year, however, my husband is in the field for training (again!). After successfully hauling my two kiddos to church, I was delighted to get my first "present" from Zach - a traced cutout of his hand from his Sunday School class. That's all I need for Mother's Day, and it was certainly enough to melt my heart.

Zach has decided to forgo his nap today, and he is being very vocal to let me know that he is indeed awake, and that I should go get him out of his room.

I hope that everyone will take the time to slow down today, and truly enjoy being with their kids! Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My How Time Flies... When You're Sleep Deprived

I've just realized how terribly neglected my blog has been!

My daughter is now 6 weeks old, and is plumping up quite nicely. Z is a very involved big brother, and insists on petting and patting his sister's head and holding her hand in the car.

I've been swamped lately with learning how to juggle my two little munchkins, especially with the husband being away for training, I'm barely sneaking in quick showers late at night. He left on Sunday the 2nd, and comes back on the 14th.(Get this ridiculousness! For the month of May, he's only home for 12 total days! The rest he is slotted to spend in the field training for a deployment he isn't even going on!) I'm in survival mode right now, and I know all you Mama's can understand.

I hope to soon be re-vamping my blog a little bit and changing things up - well, as soon as I get a minute to breathe! It'll probably be when the hubby is home and I get a couple minutes to myself again. Until then...