Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mama Duty

Today I'm pulling some serious Mama Duty. Munchy isn't feeling very well. Our little man is a tank and virtually nothing slows him down. This morning, he barely moved away from the couch. He sat next to me and wanted to cuddle and even when I got up to do some housework, he waited on the couch for me. That is really odd. And not at all like him. Turns out the little tank has a 101.5 degree fever. I don't think it's anything a little children's tylenol and a good long nap won't fix.

Trying to slog through some different ideas and concepts. Got one that I've been thinking about on and off for the last 5 years that is finally taking shape!

I think some Dublin Mudslide might help the thought process along.

Inspirations today are coming in the form of citrus and flowers. I've got an itch to re-upholster something comfy.

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