Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 3... 15 left.

I am so very. very. very glad to be at the end of September. It was a great month - my husband was home quite a bit more than usual, which is not to say that it was a lot... just more than usual.

There's just something I love about October. Maybe it's because that's when Jerry and I met for the second time, but for the first officially. Maybe it's because October is when I decided he would be mine, thus sealing my fate. Maybe it's because on Halloween he asked me to be his girlfriend.

All in all, October is a great month and that much closer to the end of the year, which means closer to moving. And to the rest of our life.

Today was great. More detox, I cheated at the end of the day and had some regular food (small amounts... a slice of cheese and some veggies) because I got super dizzy and light headed. Let's be honest, when you're the only one around to take care of your two young children, who can't do anything for themselves, fainting is just not a good idea. Zach took a 2+ hour nap in his big boy underwear and didn't have an accident. It was probably no big deal for him, but it was a huge milestone for me!

Sleep is calling my name, but while my head is oh-so-comfy resting on this stack of pillows behind me, I feel the urge to write. I think I'll follow my urge.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Two of Detox and Field Op

And I feel calm and so blessed to have peace of mind at this moment. Zach is tackling potty training really well! I'm still anxious when we leave the house - he wears diapers when we go out, and for sleeping (naps and bedtime). Just having him use the potty at home has totally cut back on how many diapers we use, and is going to save a lot of money. I'm thrilled about that. I was also thrilled to receive a few texts this morning from my dear Hubby. I miss that man, but still looking forward to getting this field exercise out of the way. It will be a huge milestone for us, and that much closer to the next season of our life.

Day two of my detox... it's going well, but I'm still cheating. I used chicken broth in my soup today (you're supposed to use veggie stock I think) and I had a bowl of ice cream. I figure though, I'm the kind of individual who will binge if I don't give myself a little slack, and mostly-effort is better than no effort at all. The kids and I walked today for an hour in 85-90 degree heat. They were warm, but enjoyed it. I was hot and sticky, but I'm determined to look amazing for birthday ball.

Going to catch some sleep now. Single parenting really takes a lot out of a person.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Last Big One... I hope.

Mustache Man left for our last big field op today. He will be gone for about 17 days, give or please take a few! I've decided as part of my keeping distracted plot, I'm trying my hand again at a detox. You can find all the info you want on it in "21 Pounds in 21 Days" - book. Basically, you don't chew food. You drink herbal tea, green drinks, juice veggies, and slurp soup. You're supposed to get a colonic and I think I saw something about an enema... but I'm not that committed. In fact, I cheated on it today. I ate baked beans for dinner(swallowed, not chewed) because I wanted something that flavorful, and I hate the idea of not getting enough protein. I also had one fish stick (leftover from Z's dinner... I hate wasting food) and a handful of popcorn. I did great up until 5 pm... and then I started thinking about how on a normal day, the husband might be home soon. How nice it would be to kiss him and climb onto his lap while he's trying to take his boots off - he'd laugh and carry me around the house, and we would spend the evening as a happy family.

That was when I started stuffing my face. Oh well... better luck tomorrow.

Oh, for the record... my starting weight for this detox is 139.6 lbs. I've got some writing to do. Another part of my keeping distracted plan.... 16 days to go!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I fell off the wagon... and got run over by the one behind me...

Not really, but it almost feels like it.

Since the last time I posted, we've had Jerry's sister visit and leave, dentist appointments, a couple of mini field ops.

I am gratful that September is flying by so quickly - we're already in the 2nd half of the month. This means in one week our baby girl will be 6 months old, and it feels as though she has just arrived. Also, it means that we have left than 5 months here in California. It seems like a lot of time, but on the other hand we have to paint our room back to its original white, pack, clean, and find out what the next chapter of our life is going to be.

Jerry has been studying like crazy and applying to different departments. Next weekend, the 25th, we hope to be in Phoenix, AZ for testing to some of these departments. I have to get going, I'm making roasted cornish game hens for dinner. We have our future brother in law coming by to watch the kids for us, and give us a much needed date night. It will be the last one for a few months...

All prayers and good wishes are welcomed and appreciated!