Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm going to be one of those Bambi hunters

I am legit. I have finally, after 5 years of procrastination, taken the Hunter Safety Course. I'm going to be one of those Bambi hunters.

Which brings up a few thoughts. Recently, I watched a 2008 or 2009 rerun of The Tyra Show. (I would like to disclose that this was a very rare circumstance. We have the basic cable package and at 4 pm, there was nothing else on.) This particular show was especially maddening to me. She conducted an "experiment" in which she placed a group of kids ranging from 3-8 years old in a room, unsupervised, with a plastic gun. She was going for shock factor and trying to show how much trouble kids get into. Seriously, what did the woman think was going to happen?

The maddening part was when she was talking with one of the kids later, and said that guns are dangerous/bad and that they hurt people.

A gun is no more dangerous than the the rake, shovel, rolling pin, or pizza cutter I have sitting around my house. It is the person - THE HUMAN BEING - that causes it to become a weapon. Is it not unhealthy to fear an inanimate object all on its own?

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  1. Basically. And when a sociopath wants to buy a gun, a city or state wide ban wouldn't stop them anyway.