Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rants and raves from yours truly

Dear Well Meaning People of the World,

I'm sure your intentions are good.


Seriously. If I hear one more individual tell us we are coming back to the "real world", I will flip out. And all the irritation that's been building will end up pouring out of me on one poor soul.

For 4 years we have had a "guaranteed" paycheck. We have had medical & dental insurance. We've recieved a housing allotment. However, Mustache Man has worked his ass off for all these things - it may have been guaranteed, but that man has never once sat back and slacked off. Don't you dare try telling me that my husband hasn't worked hard for everything we've had. He gave up being present at the birth of his first child, and missed out on the first 7 months of our son's life. He's run himself into the grown just to function on sometimes no more than an hour or two of sleep. He spent 13 months in Iraq. Get off your pedestal before I take you off of it.

Secondly, we've been job hunting for months. We've been hardcore looking and applying since the beginning of September. Mustache Man is on waiting lists for so many departments. We're not a family who doesn't look ahead into the future. There's been little else on our minds. Do us, and yourself, a favor and get out of our life and back to your own. Take a hard look at yourself - maybe you'll realize you need to get off your soap box and work on your own unperfect life.

One helluva pissed off wife and mother

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