Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ghost of Birthday's Past

Birthday Girl!

Mustache Man at his finest

Steve The Zombie, our new favorite target!

Friday the 14th was my birthday. I'm at that fantastic part of life where I still look forward to getting older. I'm eager for the big 2-5. To celebrate, I got a fabulous new haircut, and to the local gun range with Mustache Man for a few hours. (We were very blessed to have a friend volunteer to take our 2 munchkins and add them to her pile of 3 kids for a few hours.) It was so dad gum freeing to not have to carry a diaper bag, change a diaper, or feed a mouth. For 3 hours nobody called me "Mom". At the end of those 3 blissful hours, I missed my kids. That was a wonderful feeling. Sometimes I wish I had the opportunity to "miss" my children more often.

My in-laws sent me "Living Write" by Kelly L. Stone, a book I'd had my eye on for quite sometime. I already have "Time to Write", so just one more left to a complete set! Here is the web address for her website and blog, check it out! http://authorkellylstone.com/

Speaking of... my kids are simultaneously napping at the moment, a feat that is becoming more rare as the days go by. I'm going to take advantage of this brief pause and flip through "Living Write".

What do you do with your sacred moments of peace?

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  1. I'm glad you had a good bday! As for moments of peace? When I remember what those are, I'll tell you what I do with them... :P ~ Luv, Jen