Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning!

It's just a scant minute after 7 am, and the hum of garbage trucks resonates through the neighborhood like it does every Thursday morning. Very soon, my son will pop out of bed and tear out of his room, down the stairs to the window by our front door, and rip the blinds aside. Hearing the trucks, but probably not seeing them, he will excitedly look back towards me and exclaim "Mom! Beep-beeps!" (He calls them beep-beeps because of the noise they make when they back up).

Last Thursday, I was still abed still a-snoozing when he did this. This week, I am awake and happy, and looking forward to it. I can't wait to hug him good morning and ask him if he would like his vitamin and some cereal (he always does, of course).

In fact, just now as I took a quick pause to open the blinds and let the early morning sunlight in, he came rushing down to see his beep-beeps. And he was just in time to watch the one right outside our house. His hair is disheveled and his eyes are still sleepy, but he has an excitement and zest for life that I wish I still had sometimes. These are the moments where motherhood has truly blessed me.

Not only do I get the extreme privilege to be a mother to two, beautiful and spunky children, but I get to experience childhood again through the eyes of my children.

In 3 weeks, life with change for us. We will move on, away from the Marine Corps and California, and towards what I hope to be an even happier time for our family. Zach has asked to watch Thomas the Tank Engine and has settled onto our bed, in his Thomas pajamas with his milk. I'd better get on that... one day, Zach will wake up and he won't want to lay next to me to watch cartoons. I'm going to love on my boy while I still can.

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