Monday, July 26, 2010

The peanut butter and cheese crackers

are still sitting on the bookshelf by my desk. I keep looking at them and thinking that the next time I get up I am going to grab them and put them where they belong.

But then the Zach tries to drive his trucks over Ayslyn's head, or Ayslyn bursts into hysterics because she can't stand dirty diapers. The point being, I've been meaning to move these crackers for 2 days. And for 2 days, I've forgotten to do it.

Today is the day I move them.

Last night, and the night before, my darling 4 month old daughter slept for 12 hours straight. Dream child? I can say she that her sleeping habits are very close to perfect. However, I feel like I'm literally dragging myself around the house. I've all but taped my eyelids open. However, I've managed to read some amazing blog posts this morning that feel like I can get-up-and-go just a little bit more and manage to bring something to the world today.

I have a revolving thought in my head that I've developed into my own personal "get out of jail free" card. "BUT I'M A MOM" - to two kids under 2. Exactly. I am. I am worn out, exhausted, spit up on, and cried out. When I was a Mom to a single child, I thought I was too busy to juggle anymore, and then we added another munchkin to the family. I'm no fairy godmother, I know that I can't make time. Sadly, I am one of the WORST time managers ever known to the world. So I am making it a goal to manage my time better.

Because reading these other blogs by amazing women inspires me to be amazing. I know what I don't want to be. I'm just not sure of how to become the woman I burn to be. And so continues my growth-by-trial-and-error.

I'm going to be purposeful today. I think I'll go move those crackers now.

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