Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My plan of no expectation

seems to be working. This morning as I was starting to wake up, I was already thinking about writing. My eyes were closed, and I tossed and turned, and silently argued with myself - to wake up and write, or to sleep? My daughter, at 4 months old, knowing what was best for Mom, woke up for her morning bottle. I decided to hit the keyboard.

In one hour, I wrote 1039 words, and the first real memory I have of my husband and myself. I feel accomplished, inspired, and pretty damn good overall!

Yesterday, while the kids napped, I cleaned out my half of the closet and underneath the bed. It was amazing how many clothes I had to go to Goodwill! We are slowly and surely sorting through our piles of stuff and cleaning out the junk. By the time January rolls around, I feel confident we will have only the things we need/want/use, and have removed all the extra crap we've accumulated over the past few years. I hope that the next move will be our the most efficient yet. We took a good hard look at our DVD shelves the other day, and went through and removed a whole bunch that we never watch. Tonight, we will be taking them to F.Y.E. and selling them. I wonder how much we will get?

I highly encourage staying ahead of the game and regularly "detoxing" your home! With every area I sort through and get freshened up I can feel my energy levels rise and my day brighten.

Today is a day of laundry folding, and hopefully more progress and growth! My personal challenge today is to spend quality one-on-one time with my son. He's been a real trooper letting his baby sister have a good deal of the attention from me and Dad. I want to make sure he gets time to feel special and loved today.

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