Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Full Day

of this field op. I had been dreading this week for sometime, and the night before is always the most difficult for me. I get sad. I cry. I'm needy. Jerry ends up staying awake far longer than he should to comfort me. This week, in retrospect, has been wonderful! We miss "Dad" a heck of a lot, BUT we have had fun. We've eaten simple meals at 5 pm everyday, because we're not wondering if Dad is coming home at 4:30 pm, or 5 pm, or 7 pm. We've had a routine *gasp!*

On Tuesday, I sold our sofa and love seat. Why? Because I am that anxious to move. Actually, we're getting a nice futon for the living room to replace it. We were worried that our furniture wouldn't fit in the house we are moving into when we get back up to Washington. And this way, the people who visit us over the next few months have somewhere to sleep. *I hate kicking my kids out of their rooms for company... common, kid's nap time/bedtime is sacred and precious!*

Zach and Ayslyn have been great friends. He likes to go see her first thing in the morning. I open his door up, and he runs from his room to hers and onto the railing of her crib where he can peek at her. When she cries, he rushes to her and hugs her until I can come and fix whatever the issue is. As I type, he has gone and laid down beside her on her play mat and is giving her hugs and kisses.

I love that my kids love each other at this young age. I hope it's something that the hold onto for the rest of their lives.

Well, this is it for now. I've got house cleaning, cookie making, and kid walking to do. Happy Thursday!

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