Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am AwesomeSauce on Legs

Or at least I feel like it. Following is a here-n-there list of things that are adding up to my current state of happiness.

1. I bought my dress for Marine Corps Birthday Ball. It is SEXY! Completely MILF material *Heather, that was just for you!*
2. Not only did I get the dress, but I bought it off the YARDSALE website for 60 bucks, tags still attached and all.
3. I sold our sofa and love seat last week in anticipation of our move back home. We are replacing the furniture with a futon which I am excited for. I like futons.
4. Said futon was originally purchased on sale for 140 bucks. I negotiated another 20 bucks off of the price when I saw it on sale for cheaper.
5. I took my kids on a lovely walk in the sun for an hour this morning.
6. Both kiddos are napping at this very moment. AH, sweet silence.
7. My legs no longer hurt from my treadmill run on Monday.
8. My stomach muscles are very sore from my at-home-workout yesterday.
9. I have books that need reading. I love having fresh reading material.
10. I feel inspired to accomplish, dream, and write. Ahhhhh.
11. Our bankruptcy was recently finalized and discharged.
12. I have a new credit card with a horrible interest rate that I am responsibly and strictly planning on using to rebuild my damaged credit.
13. August is almost over.
14. In 15 days, my sister in law will be visiting for a week.
15. The sun hot, the grass is green, and the blue sky is littered with soft puffs of cloud.

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