Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yesterday was a fantastic and terrible day. The Offspring were SUPER whiny. I think we were all just getting some cabin fever, so my mom came over and we went to our lovely Mall (after California, I have such a huge appreciation for Alderwood). I was also starting to feel discouraged about the my job hunt. I know I haven't been applying for that long, but I'm not the most patient person, and we need more income! That's the terrible part.

The FANTASTIC part of yesterday is that I was contacted by the two employers I'd like to work for the most. Both of them are well paying full time positions, which makes me nervous and excited. I test for one tomorrow afternoon, and interview with the other on Monday. I am so excited.

However, I'm nervous too. If I get hired, Lord knows what kind of shift I will be working, and chances are we will have to find a nanny. Or a really awesome daycare. Both thoughts make me nervous. My kids' happiness and well being is my main concern, and I refuse to leave them just anywhere with anyone.

On to happier thoughts for now - the title of this post, LOIN FRUIT.

I was mentioning something to my mom about Zach-attack and Ayslyn. I was droning for effect and said "my children, my offspring, the fruit of my loins" and no sooner than I said "fruit of my loins" was I picturing in my mind someone pointing at my kids and calling them loin fruit. It made me giggle.

I've probably got only a few seconds to down the rest of my coffee before Zach is up for the day.

Here we go again!

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  1. Lol, Good luck! Both with the kids and the job hunting! Let me know how it goes!