Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

Job hunting that is, we don't yet have 2011's hunting regs, though I think they should be out by now.

On Wednesday, I went to Bellevue for a job test. It was with a private dispatching company that contracts out to different agencies in the area. Long story short, my time spent testing there was brief. I pretty much failed it. The test was listening to layered recordings of colors and numbers/phonetic alphabet in sets of 3, and writing down exactly what we heard.

It was difficult, half of us didn't pass.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't do better, but am actually relieved that I didn't even need to consider accepting a job offer from them. Mustache Man had asked around at work (about 3 or 4 people had worked for this same company before) and they said that it was an extremely demanding (read: soul sucking) job and not to even go for the test. The salary was very tempting, but I know myself. Even if the pay is good and I get benefits, I wouldn't be able to work a job that I don't like. I don't have that kind of drive, especially if it means working a job I hate instead of staying at home with my kids.

My next interview is on Monday. This one I am feeling very excited for - butterflies-in-my-stomach excited. Which in turn makes me feel very nervous. That excited/nervous feeling is reassuring to me - I know that I want the job, and even more than that, I can see myself working in this field 5 years from now.

So, even though I'm married and a mom and all, this is kind of making me feel like a grown up. I mean, lets face it, anyone can get married (Brittney Spears), and anyone can reproduce (all the teen mom stuff, I don't watch or keep up on it, but I do pass by the tabloids in the grocery store), but I feel like my "real" life is just beginning, and I love it! I also just registered for the ACT test. I debated taking the SAT's, but I ended up deciding against it. As soon as I've taken that, I kick back and wait for an admissions letter to WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY (online).

My kids are great, my hubby is the love of my life, and God is good. Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Good luck Monday and with all that school stuff! Keeping my fingers crossed!