Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I'm Learning

1. Extended weekends = me falling off the face of the Earth
2. Extended weekends never go as planned
3. Even though we have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff... we still have a lot.

Today is the beginning of the work week for us. Mustache Man had a 3 day weekend. We put up our Christmas tree and decorated. Found shoes that match my Birthday Ball dress. Took in some recycling. Basic weekend.

Zach is having craptastic potty training speed bumps. My boy, who had been a champion with his Froggie Potty Chair, is backtracking. He is having accidents more frequently and, to my horror, has popped his pants 3 times thus far. He won't ask to go. If he's not near his potty chair, he just does his thing. This is a huge source of frustration for me. Hopefully, we find a way to help him relate and to get back to being our little ace.

Ayslyn's teething is coming along slowly. Where Zach could wake up on any given morning and have teeth, we can see the bumps in Ayslyn's gums and it's a much slower process. Last night she had a hard time falling asleep, and finally had some relief when I numbed her gums up. I hope to see some pearly whites poking through before December.

Today is chock full of potential right now, and I plan on taking advantage of it. Happy Tuesday!

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