Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm still nursing a cold. Every morning I wake up stuff/yucky/headachey. Ayslyn first two teeth have broken the gums, Zach's getting another few molars in. Nothing really exciting here.

It is, in my eyes, officially winter here in sunny SoCal. We have our Christmas tree up, and last night was our first night with the fluffy "warm" comforter. This is pathetic! I was born in Utah, and grew up in Washington. This is the most miserable excuse for Winter if ever I saw one. Oh well. It's also our last one here. In 3 months, we should just be moving into our next home and into the next chapter of our lives.

Next week, for Thanksgiving, we are going to visit my family in St. George. I've missed them a lot. We haven't seen them since they were out here last March, just a few weeks before Ayslyn was born. I just hope I'm over this nasty cold by then!

I have hopes of Mustache Man getting off work semi-early today. It would be nice... they were in the field for a backyard shoot on Tuesday and Wednesday night, and luckily, Mustache Man found someone to trade duty with him (meaning instead of leaving Thanksgiving morning, we will get to leave Wednesday afternoon! Thank you, God).

Birthday Ball and Grandparents adventure reaps to come soon. When I'm feeling better and thinking more clearly.

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  1. Lol, I'm reading this and thinking about all the Fb posts about snow from people who are in WA right now... Jealous!