Monday, September 27, 2010

The Last Big One... I hope.

Mustache Man left for our last big field op today. He will be gone for about 17 days, give or please take a few! I've decided as part of my keeping distracted plot, I'm trying my hand again at a detox. You can find all the info you want on it in "21 Pounds in 21 Days" - book. Basically, you don't chew food. You drink herbal tea, green drinks, juice veggies, and slurp soup. You're supposed to get a colonic and I think I saw something about an enema... but I'm not that committed. In fact, I cheated on it today. I ate baked beans for dinner(swallowed, not chewed) because I wanted something that flavorful, and I hate the idea of not getting enough protein. I also had one fish stick (leftover from Z's dinner... I hate wasting food) and a handful of popcorn. I did great up until 5 pm... and then I started thinking about how on a normal day, the husband might be home soon. How nice it would be to kiss him and climb onto his lap while he's trying to take his boots off - he'd laugh and carry me around the house, and we would spend the evening as a happy family.

That was when I started stuffing my face. Oh well... better luck tomorrow.

Oh, for the record... my starting weight for this detox is 139.6 lbs. I've got some writing to do. Another part of my keeping distracted plan.... 16 days to go!

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