Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Two of Detox and Field Op

And I feel calm and so blessed to have peace of mind at this moment. Zach is tackling potty training really well! I'm still anxious when we leave the house - he wears diapers when we go out, and for sleeping (naps and bedtime). Just having him use the potty at home has totally cut back on how many diapers we use, and is going to save a lot of money. I'm thrilled about that. I was also thrilled to receive a few texts this morning from my dear Hubby. I miss that man, but still looking forward to getting this field exercise out of the way. It will be a huge milestone for us, and that much closer to the next season of our life.

Day two of my detox... it's going well, but I'm still cheating. I used chicken broth in my soup today (you're supposed to use veggie stock I think) and I had a bowl of ice cream. I figure though, I'm the kind of individual who will binge if I don't give myself a little slack, and mostly-effort is better than no effort at all. The kids and I walked today for an hour in 85-90 degree heat. They were warm, but enjoyed it. I was hot and sticky, but I'm determined to look amazing for birthday ball.

Going to catch some sleep now. Single parenting really takes a lot out of a person.

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