Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's in the water, it's in the air! Baby fever and adoption

Baby fever seems to be going around.

I've been seeing many a Facebook post about this epidemic as of late, and have a confession of my own. I, too, was recently bitten by the baby fever bug. Never fear - Mustache Man and I anticipated this "sickness" and after the birth of our second child I had a tubal ligation. Fearing repercussions of my surgery might crop up later and cause marital discord, Mustache Man also underwent a vasectomy. We are a very sterile couple. I do believe I was made to have babies, my pregnancies were wonderful experiences and my labor/deliveries were "easy" in the realms of such occasions. My body seems to be a baby making machine. You can see why we had to put an end to such madness.

I desperately wanted both our children, and they are my greatest joys. But I also know where my personal limits are, and I want to live a life of adventure and give my children every possible opportunity available to them.

I am still open to expanding our family. Mustache Man and I have talked about the possibility of adopting since we started dating. It's an important decision, and not one that we take lightly. The other day I brought it to his attention that I may still want more children in the future, and his eyes nearly popped out with shock. I suppose he thought I might find our two to be too much work. They are a handful.

But I do know that we could offer someone a very good home full of love, later in life. (This would definitely not happen for a few more years at least and only if our family is ready for it as a whole.) I look forward to the possibilities.

I'm a big supporter of adoption. Obviously, our family is not in a place to do this just yet, but I plan on participating in this year's Adoption Run which will benefit Antioch Adoptions. The event will take place on June 11th, 2011 though they are still working out some kinks in registration. You can find more information about the run and Antioch Adoptions at Adoption Run. Donations can be made online for anyone who is interested. In 2010, they had 123 participants and raised $8533 dollars allowing one child to be adopted.

Please consider participating in the event or in donating towards this wonderful cause.

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