Monday, April 11, 2011

Running circles in Theme Park

A lot of running, actually. So far, I'm sticking to it. I say that because I haven't solidly committed to be a runner. Because I have a tragic habit of not REALLY committing to something I have indeed claimed to commit to. You understand.

I ran 5 miles today in just under 55 minutes. That's not terribly fast, but it IS dang good for me, and totally set a new standard for myself. Today, for the first time, my lungs actually outlasted my legs. It was a major break through. I feel healthy, I feel pumped, I feel happy.

Around mile 3, I got to thinking about what inspires my running. A small, papery old man got onto the treadmill to my right. He was frail and slow. But he was THERE. With tubes hooked around his ears and into his nose, and his travel sized oxygen tank on the floor between our treamills, he panted next to me. A heavier set woman got onto the treadmill to my left, and began speed walking. She took a couple breaks. She sweated next to me, with me, and I wanted to tell her she was doing great. These people inspired me. I can't say that if I was old I would still exercise with that type of dedication. And I can't say that if I was heavier and more out of shape that I would be working at a healthier body. These two people embodied what I'm running from, and hopefully what I'm running towards.

What inspires you, and keeps you going when you feel like you've reached your limit?

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