Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My husband will be so relieved...

When he finds out that I've started my own blog. The man is supportive, encouraging, and works way more than he should. This also leaves me with a lot of thoughts and ideas that remain unspoken. I hate keeping a diary or journal - I'd much rather rant and rave in the midst of my passion, be it emotional or rational, than wait to recap at the end of the day. So here it is, the beginning of The Novel Wife.

I loath New Year's resolutions, mostly because I never stick to them, I am never quite resolved enough. I also find it ridiculous to try to improve myself once a year - I have goals and ideals and ridiculous "aha!" moments every single day! Today, January 27th (no, not the typical 1st of the year), I am resolving to do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Whatever strikes my fancy or tickles my taste buds I will go after and conquer.

My current fancies:
  2. Growing and developing my Etsy Shop
  3. Sew a lot
  4. Write the first draft of my novel

While I don't hold much faith in Resolutions, I do find myself to be increasingly attracted to Goals. The following are my goals for February:
  1. Work on my ever changing novel-in-progress 3 times weekly
  2. Knit a hat to match the scarf I've almost finished
  3. Ready the room for our expected second spawn, due to debut in Mid-April
  4. Bake a dessert I've never made before

This morning I read a small free 40 page ebook from called "More Time Now: How to Invest One Hour a Week to Free Up 1000 Hours a Year". In it were all the tips and advice I've heard before, but what I did take away from it was a little inspiration in the form of the next few lines...

Only when you decide to stop settling for less do you begin changing your life.

Don't settle for living a little. That's the path to weakness.

We say "the day got away from us" but in a lot of cases, we gave the day permission to go where it pleased.

And on that note, I'm going to go reclaim the rest of my day.

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